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Solar Electric Vehicles

To raise awareness for solar electric driving we’ve created three minimalistic and easy-to-understand films in collaboration with Lightyear. Each film showcases the benefits of solar electric vehicles. 

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Uncover what’s hidden

PlusOne® introduces Kaiko - the visionary brand that is revolutionizing the world of cancer research. Kaiko empowers hospitals and research institutes with valuable insights and the latest advancements in machine-learning research. 

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A journey of dynamic compositions

We were invited by Sector SPDR to elevate their visual language by developing multiple spots with a new aesthetic. Our goal was to take the viewer on an inspiring journey through dynamic compositions, conveying the concept of shifting perspectives.

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Revolution in comfort

Asics has recently launched its latest flagship running shoe, The Gel-Nimbus™ 25. This state-of-the-art footwear promises to take the running experience to a whole new level by offering exceptional comfort and performance.

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Not in 2050. But today.

Almost 40% of global emissions come from buildings and construction, making it clear that the real estate industry needs a complete revolution. Today. And that's what Edge have announced — not just for the company, but for every single building they develop and redevelop in the future. 

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Engineered for Ambition

Working closely with Adyen, we crafted a brand film marking a significant milestone in the company's evolution. Incorporating humor into certain sequences was an enjoyable aspect of the process of creating the mixed-media film.

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