Ubi Banca
Banking for millennials


30” TV Commercial
15” TV Commercial
30” Cinematic commercial
Stills for print campaign

A stylised, hand-painted TV campaign for an Italian bank

Trying to make millennials interested in banking.

Milan based agency Touch Italy was looking for a creative studio who could help develop a suite of work for their latest campaign. They tracked yours truly down and a wonderful collaboration was born. Styleframes and a storyboard were made followed by high-fives (and a cheeky Aperol Spritz). The campaign was rolled out across TV, web and print.
Intended to be vibrant and youthful, appealing to an 18 to 35 year old demographic. We had a lot of fun working to help millennials become financially savvy. And we’re now more than able to open a bank account speaking Italian. 

Buona giornata!

Behind the scenes 

To get the animation to look as lifelike as possible, we filmed all the hand motions seen throughout the film. This footage was then motion captured and 3D rendered. We then applied our bright and vibrant design, painting it frame-by-frame. And the final touches, our illustrated typography.

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