Tommy Hilfiger
How to videos


5 Videos


Our brains started tingling when Tommy Hilfiger asked us to come up with a concept for a series of how-to videos.

We wanted to create something that stands out. Something hypnotizing perhaps. Here the fun began. Easy to follow, clear communication? Of course. Perfectly styled models, tools and products? Sure thing. Intriguing, can’t-tear-my-eyes-away visuals, and soothing ASMR sound design? Mais oui!

In total we created 5 films, from explaining how to rip your jeans to creative lacing styles for your sneakers. Each shot was planned and precisely storyboarded ahead of a two day live-action shoot. Then we brought it all together in post, with graphic editing, graphic elements, grading and sound design. The result is 5 individual films that all ooze the same, fresh Tommy style.


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