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Evolving a successful campaign

Following the completion of the previous TV campaign, we developed a captivating set of online and TV commercials. We’ve created a tangible representation of the sectors of the S&P 500 with a variety of beautiful, tactile materials. This series gave us the opportunity to add a lot of life and wonder to the commercials.

↑ Compilation

The cinematic animations feature short, engaging narratives that meticulously showcase iconic objects representative of the relevant sector within the S&P 500. The animations are not merely a continuation of our previous work but a deliberate push to explore new frontiers in creativity.

The music and lifelike sound effects enhance the overall viewing experience by introducing an extra dimension of realism.

The (creative) process was extensive. However, we had lots of fun developing this body of work, from the very first idea, to detailed storyboards, to final renderings.

A distinctive TV campaign

The TV commercials effortlessly demonstrates the simplicity of adjusting portfolio weighting from one sector to another using Select Sector SPDRs.

Our gratitude extends to our valued collaboration with the esteemed partner agency, SBA-NYC 👊. In spearheading this campaign, they ingeniously crafted a media strategy, incorporating contextual targeting, which yielded remarkable and impressive results.

How it’s made

Two months of pre-production. Two days studio shoot. Four months of post-production. A lot of preparation. Sixty-two people involved. Almost one hundred concept art sketches. 16,000 keyframes created. 1,265 animated and textured 3D objects. 52 highly detailed animated overlay graphics. Heaps of dedication. And a good helping of fun.  

Select Sector SPDRs wins 4 FCS Portfolio awards

Select Sector SPDRs wins Gold W3 Award
Platinum Muse Award for Select Sector SPDRs

Select Sector SPDRs wins Silver Vega Digital Award
Select Sector SPDRs wins Gold Davey Award

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