The Legend of the Dragon


Key Visual
3 Animated Visuals
16x9 Commercial
9x16 Commercial

The limited edition collection by Rituals  draws inspiration from the awe-inspiring tales of Chinese imperial dragons and their mythical powers. The series is based around the notion we all carry an invisible force inside us, empowering you to unleash your full potential.
We were honored to be invited to embark on this project, entrusted with the task of breathing life into the mythical dragon that is central to the collection's narrative.

To honor the intricate design and watercolor textures of the existing dragon artwork, we developed a meticulously choreographed animation style.

Every brushstroke was carefully translated into the digital realm to maintain the hand-crafted look and feel, preserving the authenticity of the dragon's design.  

It was a delicate balancing act between artistic expression and technical precision. Beginning with a storyboard, we precisely mapped out every scene to ensure a seamless narrative. Our animators then brought the dragon to life, each frame constructed with meticulous care, thus allowing the dragon to subtly integrate into its surroundings, only to reveal its full magnificence at the right moment.

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