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12 Animated films
Event visuals
Set of illustrations
Animation guidelines

Creative partnership 

Together with Philips, we shaped their new global visual identity.

Philips came on board in 2014, and we were excited to count this leading, global brand that has roots right here in The Netherlands, among our clients. Our design and animation solutions became a benchmark for their brand, sparking the beginning of something beautiful. Over the years our creative partnership with Philips Design has grown and we’ve worked closely with them on numerous, pivotal projects.

Our journey with Philips spans multiple years across many different projects. We’ve worked on company wide communication, messaging for specialised audiences, consumer facing content, trade stands and large scale events like IFA.
Collected here is a glimpse into that world. It covers many aspects that we developed — the use of the multicoloured line, the universe of globes, characters and typography. It’s a diverse mix, but always stays true to Philips and their voice.
IFA 2017

Philips asked us to collaborate on the visual content for IFA 2017, Europe’s biggest tech show. 

Taking the work we did in 2016 as a basis, the focus was to create an impactful experience for their press event, which was the main eye-catcher of their stand. Our design solution is based on their brand guidelines, but we took it a step further, pushing the boundaries of the brand. And little did we know, we were laying the foundations for their future global visual identity.
Visual identity

We continued to develop the IFA concept, which became the basis of their visual identity.

Building it around Philips’ mission to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025, each globe represents a life they are striving to support. The concept gives Philips’ endless possibilities to continue to evolve and push the boundaries in the future.

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