Collection (2014-2016)


12 Animated films
Set of illustrations
Event visuals
Animation guidelines

Creating a global visual language from start to finish

3D animation, motion design and illustration.

Philips is a global brand that operates in over 100 countries throughout the world. But how do you create a visual language, a set of illustrations, animation guidelines and numerous films that seamlessly translate and resonate with different cultures? The answer: stay true to the brand and design with empathy and with people in mind, which is exactly what we did – continue to scroll to see a selection of what we’ve created over the years.

Personal Health Programs
In a world where working overtime, binge-watching TV shows and fast food being just a click away, it’s understandable why so many people struggle to maintain their health. To help combat this, Philips introduced a series of personal health programs which gave people the tools to regain a healthy balance.
We created a short film, which premiered at IFA in Berlin, to inform people about their program and designed a range of icons for the app. We landed on a fresh and simplistic animation that informed people about the benefits Philips has to offer.

Philips is celebrating 90 years of design and PlusOne was tasked with creating their design manifesto.

Philips understands the importance of great design and we love making it, which is why we were sure only good things would come from creating their design manifesto. In this film, Sean Carney, Chief Design Officer at Philips, elaborates on the brand’s core design principles, sharing their love for simple, human and effective design. And we were more than happy to help Philips continue to develop their design language, which they have been evolving for over 90 years.

IFA 2016
For IFA 2016, the world’s largest consumer electronics and home appliances trade fair, Philips asked us to help them develop a visual package for their press event.

The stage featured a canvas of almost 10 metres wide, which was made up of a central projection surface and two LED screens on the side.
The prelude and crescendo were the key animations in this package and had a vital role in the press event. The prelude was created with ‘disconnected’ as a theme and was played while visitors entered the venue to help set a calm and inspiring ambience. On the other hand, the crescendo focused on ‘connection’ and raised the energy in the room enough to open a presentation.

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