Solar Electric Vehicles

A series of films that help create awareness of Solar Electric Vehicles (SEVs). The three films each cover a different topic in a clear, minimalistic manner, with the message in the driver seat.

The design of Lightyear is remarkable, with every detail true to its purpose. We adopted this ethos for the layout and motion principles of the films, looking closely at the messaging, and how to make it as clear and efficient as possible.

The first film is about sustainability. EV’s are great, but there are still obstacles to overcome for achieving truly clean mobility.

Design process

Our first thought was that the design language should feel refined, beautiful in its simplicity. We took our time at the outset to set up a design system with grids, typography weights and sizes, and use of imagery, like the wonderful 3D renders of the Lightyear 0 by INK Studio

The second film is titled: Economical Driving. A Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV) can bring you various benefits including cost savings. Even in a country known for its cloudy weather like the Netherlands, the sun can provide up to 40% of your yearly energy use, free of charge. 

Solar Charging

The third film centers on utilizing solar energy to charge vehicles. With over a billion cars on the road, only a small percentage of them have the capability of emitting zero pollutants. The sun provides an endless supply of clean energy, and Solar Electric Vehicles can harness this power, even when parked. SEVs utilize solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity.

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