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Addressing the subconscious

Visual identity for a global sports brand’s consumer segmentation.

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We were feeling better than a cold beer on a Friday night when a global sports brand approached us to help them with the visualization of their consumer segmentation. The open briefing gave us the creative freedom to build a story around the design – which we love.
We used our motion graphics and 2D animation prowess to help take their consumer segmentation to the next level, making nine different brand identities that worked in isolation but also as a collective along the way.

After studying the data concerning the consumer segments, we started with an extensive R&D phase exploring the look and feel.

Once we high-fived on the look and feel, we started creating a visual identity for each of the nine segments, consisting of icons, crests, color palettes and patterns. We involved sound early in the process to make sure it became an integral part of the project. With the visual identity in place and the basis of sound on our timelines, we started animating.
Aiming for emotional impact on the viewer instead of spelling out all the details.

It was an amazing ride, in which we tried to meet and break our limits while creating loads of content, killing darlings and searching for happy mistakes.

Addressing the subconscious of the target audience

Next to composition, framing, and pace, color was an important asset for this project to help connect with emotion on a subconscious level. To do this, every segment got its own color scheme which resonated with the emotions of the respective target audience.

This was a strategic design decision to ensure the visual identity would appeal to everyone from the everyday athletes right through to the macro-counting competitors.

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