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Clarity and simplicity 

Edge Technologies specialises in a new generation of healthy, innovative and energy-positive office buildings.

With some clients, you hit it off right away. And OVG Real Estate was one of them. Over the past few years, we’ve worked closely together on numerous projects. We also helped their transition from OVG Real Estate to Edge Technologies, by developing their new corporate identity from the ground up. Along with cutting-edge design and animation, we helped EDGE Technologies evolve into the modern brand they are today.

A new era of work

Technology and a more flexible way of working is changing our future.

The days of working 9-to-5, chained to the office cubicle are long gone. And instead, we live in a dynamic, 24/7 lifestyle, enabled by technology and the growth of smart cities – which is growing the demand for more considered office spaces. As people in the workforce are starting to expect engaging, healthy and most of all, inspiring workplaces.
Our focus was to help Edge Technologies navigate through all the changes. To do this, we created a design solution that helped communicate their forward-thinking, all while showing off the productive atmosphere of their new office spaces.  

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