Engineered for Ambition

Engineered for Ambition

We’ve collaborated with Adyen on their new campaign Engineered for Ambition, a new stage in the company's growth.

We aimed to capture the dynamic and ambitious spirit that is at the core of Adyen. Ambition is a driving force throughout the company, but it is through engineering that it is brought to life. This balance of ambition and engineering served as inspiration for the brand film.

Throughout history there’s been quite a few remarkable inventions that changed the world for the better.

The invention of the lightbulb, the car and the guitar to name a few. In the first chapter of the film we show how these inventions were fueled by ambition, but realized by engineering. The electrifying hand-drawn animation that symbolizes ambition runs through this razor-sharp edit and is being fed into Adyen's new, digital platform. We used a wide variety of techniques, and we manipulated found footage so that it tells this story.


We had a lot of fun making this mixed media film. The whole team got together and everybody was pitching in ideas. We made Thomas Edison smile, we played around with a zoetrope and we looked at a bunch of memes. What more do you want?

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