Select Sector SPDRs


11 Spots of 15 seconds
11 Cutdowns of 6 seconds

Evolving a successful campaign

Following the completion of the 2019 TV campaign we developed a series of engaging vignettes — each highlighting one of the 11 sectors. This series gave us the opportunity to add even more life and wonder to the already compelling landscapes. Immersing ourselves further into this world, allows us to appreciate the intricacies of the environment.


The cinematic animations contain short narratives in which iconic objects of the relevant sector highlighted. Building upon  previous work, but pushing the envelope in terms of look and feel.

Music and lifelike sound effects were added for an extra dimension of realism.

As this project consisted of a whopping 99 shots, the creative process was extensive. However, we had lots of fun developing this body of work, from the very first idea, to detailed storyboards, to final renderings.

We are very grateful to have been able to collaborate again with our partner agency SBA-NYC 👊 For this campaign, they developed a nifty media strategy, involving contextual targeting, which achieved impressive results.

Select Sector SPDRs wins 4 FCS Portfolio awards

Select Sector SPDRs wins Gold W3 Award
Platinum Muse Award for Select Sector SPDRs

Select Sector SPDRs wins Silver Vega Digital Award
Select Sector SPDRs wins Gold Davey Award

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